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Anaheim Tree Lighting – Come Out & See Me!

The holidays are here! This is my favorite time of year. I love autumn & pumpkins (but I think I’ve told you enough about my obsession…) And I also love the Christmas season. Regardless of religious beliefs, to me, this time of year just means family, tradition, and lots of fun. I love spending time with my loved ones, buying a Christmas tree and decorating our house, yummy food (TAMALES!!), and giving my loved ones gifts.

Guess what? If you love all of the same things I do (and you’re in Southern California), you’re in luck! This Saturday (December 1st), there will be an awesome event in Downtown Anaheim where you can find all the things you’ll need to get ready for the holidays!

There will be a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, great food, great activities for your family (ice skating, train rides, face painting — just to name a few!), and lots of vendors selling handmade goodies so you can get your gift shopping done early! I’ll be there selling my Grey Tabby goodies and a good friend of mine, Sara, will be selling her crocheted goodies from her Bailes of Yarn shop. Come by, say hi, grab some great foods, pick up some great gifts, and have a blast!

Here are some of the items I’ll have available on Saturday:

The Grey Tabby Animal Print Earrings

The Grey Tabby Christmas Stockings

The Grey Tabby Skeleton Toile Tote Bag

The Grey Tabby Bow Clutch

The Grey Tabby Coffee Cozies

The Grey Tabby Knitted Bow Rings

And here’s a sneak peek of Sara’s items from Bailes of Yarn:

Bailes of Yarn Reindeer Antlers
(Vladimir the pup not included! Bummer, right??)

Bailes of Yarn Coffee Mug Sleeve

Bailes of Yarn Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Beanie

Be sure to stop by to say hi to both of us! We hope to see all of you!