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Renegade Craft Fair – Los Angeles 2012

I absolutely LOVE going to craft fairs, don’t you? They’re not only a great place to shop, but I feel inspired every time I attend! It’s so great to be surrounded by such creative artists and it’s even greater to support the handmade movement.

A girlfriend of mine and I decided to make a day trip to Los Angeles to not only visit Renegade, but to check out a few other gems. First, we made our way to the Fashion District in Downtown LA. There were SO many things to take in! We stopped in several jewelry supply shops and fabric shops and I may or may not have spent a little more money than I expected to… :)

Lots of beautiful lace!

Strands of pearls & beads

How cute is this teeny sewing machine charm?? Loved it!

I wanted to live in this warehouse sized fabric shop! I loved it!

These are some of the fabrics I took home with me. I can’t wait to make some cute stuff with this cute, cute, cute fabric!

After spending several hours wandering from shop to shop in the Fashion District, we made our way to the Los Angeles State Historic Park to check out Renegade. These are a few of the items I loved:

Terrarium Shop

Terrariums from the Terrarium Shop

Mario Coasters from 1337motif

Mario Coasters from 1337motif – My husband fell in love with these when I showed him this picture!

Light Fixtures by Heirloom

Light Fixtures by Heirloom

Eat Your Heart Out by Folded Pigs

“Eat Your Heart Out” plate by Folded Pigs

And lastly, my friend’s shop, We Love Citrus. She has the cutest supplies!

We Love Citrus

The We Love Citrus table. Cute stuff!!

We Love Citrus

Ana & me in front of her oh-so-cute table

We Love Citrus Lids

I purchased some of her cute mason jar lids and enjoyed some iced kombucha tea the next morning. I’m sipping on my tea in style now!

I also purchased some yummy pickled garlic from Lemon Bird. They had two different kinds: pickled green garlic and pickled blue garlic. I sampled both and couldn’t decide which I liked more. So I bought both! Yum!

Lemon Bird Pickled Garlic

Lemon Bird Pickled Garlic

After our day of shopping was done, we met up with my husband to have dinner at one of his favorite restaurants: Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles. If you haven’t tried it, you need to make your way to Southern California and try it ASAP! Some good quality time on a treadmill is needed afterward but it’s sooo delicious!

Roscoe's in Long Beach, CA

Roscoe’s in Long Beach, CA

Our Food

I ordered the Carol C. Special – chicken breast with a waffle… and their mac & cheese is to DIE for!

Whew! What a long and fun day! I can’t wait till the fall so we can head out to more craft fairs! Until then, I’ll stay inspired by all that I’ve seen this weekend and I’ll keep crafting!