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DIY Photo Canvas Print

Hello & Meow, friends!

Last weekend, I found a tutorial on, where else? Pinterest! I loved it so much that I decided to try it out and when I finished, a few people asked me how to make it. So I decided to share it with all of you!

Prints on canvas look SO great but they’re equally expensive! Using this print transfer method, you can save loads of money and have pride in saying that you made it yourself.

First off, you need your supplies:

L to R: wood furniture polish (odd but yes, I’ll explain why!), gel medium, paint brush, wrapped canvas, and a reversed image photocopy of a picture

I was lucky to find the gel medium on clearance for only $1.50 (retail was $7.95) and I got a 4 pack of 6×6 canvases for only $7.50, thanks to coupons! As for the photo, I chose a picture that I took at the Huntington Library a couple years ago. I decided to print a 5×5 image (to get a 0.5 inch white border on the sides). Be sure to reverse the image! We’ll be placing the image face down on the canvas so it’ll come out how you originally shot the photo.

First, apply and spread some of the gel medium with your paint brush. Spread it nice & even without leaving too much excess.

I added a tad bit too much gel medium here. Oops!

Place your picture face down in the center of the canvas and press the image firmly into the canvas. Then, grab a cup of tea, surf Pinterest for a bit, and let your canvas dry overnight!

After you’ve let your canvas dry, spray it with some water and start softly rubbing the paper off with your finger or a cloth. The harder you rub or the coarser the object you use to remove the paper (cloth or sponge), you risk removing some of the ink. Sometimes that’s a good thing; it’ll make your photo look weathered and vintage!

Once you’ve removed most of the paper, you’ll notice that the photo still looks a little cloudy with some paper residue still stuck on. That’s where the wood polish comes in! Just dab some of it on a cloth and wipe down the canvas. The picture will look crystal clear afterward.

And voilĂ ! You got yourself an awesome canvas print! Hang it with pride and when your friends ask you where you purchased your oh-so-gorgeous canvas, flash them a huge smile and say “I made it myself!”

I love the weathered work so I used a rough washcloth to wipe the paper off of my canvas. I even scratched it with my nails a little. Love the vintage look!