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My Husband’s 30th Birthday – Cake Pops, Fried Fish, and the Dodgers; Oh My!

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Hola! Remember a week or so ago when I posted a freebie printable love note card? I said to keep your eyes peeled for pics of my hubby’s birthday. And ta-da! You’ll find them here :)

On Jose’s actual birthday, we had dinner at a local Brazilian barbecue restaurant with his mom, brother, and one of our family friends. Can you believe she’s in her 90s? She’s the sweetest lady! And she puts me to shame; she exercises every. single. day. I guess that’s why she’s lived such a long life!

Dinner with the family at a local churrascaria

Jose’s brother, Jose, me, our family friend, and Jose’s mom

Anyway, the Brazilian barbecue was amazing! The restaurants are called churrascarias and they serve you tons of meat. It was the most perfect place for celebrating my husband’s birthday!

The night after his birthday, we went to a Dodgers baseball game. We’re huge Dodgers fans but that game was a special one. They were having a giveaway: a Vin Scully bobble head! Vin has been the announcer for the Dodgers for 63 seasons. Sixty three! So we were really excited to get this awesome souvenir. (The Dodgers ended up losing the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks though. Sad face…)

Rainbow at Dodger Stadium

Such a beautiful night for a baseball game!

Vin Scully Bobblehead at Dodgers Stadium

So excited to have this! What a great collectable!

We finished up our celebrations by having lunch with our parents and siblings. We started an annual tradition maybe about 3 or 4 years ago. Every year, we go to the fish markets in San Pedro, CA. Jose LOVES it. You order fish (or shellfish; there’s a HUGE variety) and they’ll cook it for you right there.

Jose & his mom picking out our fishy lunch

Told ya that you pick out your own fish! Stinky!!

Our fried fish lunch at the San Pedro Fish Markets

Yummy! Deep fried tilapia!

Jose and his cake pops - The Big 30!

I made cake pops and favor tags for him! It was my first time making the pops and everyone loved them! My dad & Jose’s mom both said I should start selling them. Oy! Flattered but I’ll just keep making them for fun :)

Bridge Near San Pedro

We had a blast and can’t wait to go again next year for the big 3-1!

Thanks for lookin’ at the pics! Keep your eyes peeled for another post on cake pops. I think I’ve fallen in love with making (and eating) them!


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