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A friend and business associate of mine, Regina, has an oh-so-cute blog (RLH Creations). I love all of her posts but one in particular spoke to me this morning. She took some of her own photos and created great color combos from them. One of the things I love finding on the internet is color inspiration. There’s just something wonderfully inspiring about seeing beautiful color combinations, especially when they come from photographs of nature.

Check out my fave color combo that Regina featured on her site:

Spring Wedding Color Combo by RLH Creations

Isn’t it gorgeous? Check out the rest of the post here. Make sure to comment & say “hi” to Regina for me!



Author: thegreytabby

just a girl with her grey tabby, chloe, and her husband, jose. lover of all things crafty :)

One thought on “Color Me GORGEOUS!

  1. Thank you so much Dani! I feel so honored that you blogged about my post! :)

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