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Eye Make-Up for Gals with Glasses

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Do you wear glasses? I do and I LOVE them. I’m really serious when I say I LOVE them. I love glasses, different kinds of glasses, kids with glasses, items screen printed with glasses images, pets with glasses, glasses-shaped jewelry; I love it all! And perhaps I’ll make a post in the future about my love for sexy specs…

A minor problem I have with glasses, though, is how to apply eye makeup for nights when I’m wearing my glasses. I always wonder if I’m wearing too much makeup or too little. (It’s pretty tough for me to apply the makeup, too, because I’m extremely near-sighted and I need to practically plaster my face onto the mirror just so I can see what I’m doing… But that’s a whole other issue!)

Anyway, I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon this makeup YouTube tutorial made specifically for gals with glasses. The user who made the video (MichellePhan) is very informative and I LOVE her makeup. I guess it also helps that she’s gorgeous naturally, too!

Check it out here:

I’m a little iffy over the false eyelashes (mainly because I’m scared of them…Ha!)  but I’ll definitely try this out the next time my hubby takes me out for a night on the town!


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One thought on “Eye Make-Up for Gals with Glasses

  1. THANK YOU!!! I wear glasses to drive at night and during the early morning hours. I find I’m also wearing them more when my eyes are tired from too many late nights crafting. I was curious what I could do to make my eyes pop behind my cute glasses. :)

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