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Thirty Before 30 Project


A few weeks ago, I read about the Thirty Before Thirty project and I was really intrigued. You compile a list of thirty things you’ve never done in your life and you try to accomplish all of those things before you turn 30. I turned 29 in May of this year and I think it’ll be an awesome thing to try!

I’ve come up with the following list and I need just a few more suggestions. Care to give me some? It’s much appreciated! This is what I have so far:

  1. Make Thanksgiving Dinner
  2. Make a baby
  3. Buy a house
  4. Make homemade pickles
  5. Donate blood
  6. Sell at a craft fair or farmer’s market
  7. Complete at least 30 new Pinterest projects
  8. Read “Rain of Gold”
  9. Pay for a stranger’s meal in the drive thru
  10. Try Pho noodles
  11. Spend a whole day (or do I dare, a weekend?) without the internet, including my iPhone (I’m terrified of this one!!!)
  12. Knit a blanket
  13. Sew a quilt
  14. Learn enough Spanish to comfortably carry on a conversation in Spanish with my mother-in-law
  15. Host an online charity auction
  16. See “The Book of Mormon” or “Wicked
  17. Have a garage sale
  18. Host a fancy dinner party
  19. Host a “beauty white elephant” party (gift exchange with beauty products)
  20. Have dinner at LA Prime
  21. Make cake pops

So far, I’m really enjoying this list and I’m anxious to start! But again, I’d love suggestions for the remaining 9 items. Feel free to comment below. Thanks again!!


Author: thegreytabby

just a girl with her grey tabby, chloe, and her husband, jose. lover of all things crafty :)

6 thoughts on “Thirty Before 30 Project

  1. Great list! I made a similar one a couple of years ago that included learning to play the guitar so that I could sing at an open mic night (I can’t actually sing worth beans!), camping under the stars, and traveling to a foreign land. I was able to knock off about half of the list. :)

    • Thanks, Lisa! I think I should probably add learning to play guitar. I’ve tried before but I’ve always given up before I learned a full song. I’ve been lucky enough to have gone camping & travel to a foreign country :) But I’d love to do both again!

  2. Fabulous ideas!!! Hmmm… Definitely add some far off travel trips to the list. Add a stamp or five to your passport. Things to do before baby… Maybe a spiritual or religious retreat. And add silly crazy stuff to the list. Save x amount of money. Purge excess clothes/stuffs from closet, kitchen… Travel to all 50 states and photo document the trip. Run a 5k or half marathon. … :)

    • Great suggestions, Jen! I really wish I could add a few more stamps to my passport but I only have about 9 months to complete it! Maybe I’ll try to make less expensive trips to Mexico & Canada instead ;)

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  4. how about run a 5k.
    help veterans
    make your own cheese
    babysit for someone for a weekend
    give five people letters n a little cash to pay it forward.
    Pierce something
    get a funny tattoo

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