the grey tabby

musings of a girl and her grey tabby

well hello there!

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My name is Danielle and welcome to the Grey Tabby!

This right here is the one & only Grey Tabby herself. Her given name is Chloe but, here at our home, she goes by several names. Chlo-Bubs, Bubbas, Chlo-ster, Bubbalees, StinkyPoo, Chlomeister, just to name a few. My husband even calls her Penelope from time to time. But more often than not, she doesn’t respond to any of our names; she might be confused or just a crazy little rebel. Who knows.

She’s my furry little partner in crime and she’s always got her little nose and paws in all my crafty little projects! So we decided to have this blog together so we can share our crafty adventures with all of you! We hope you’ll stick around for the ride!


Author: thegreytabby

just a girl with her grey tabby, chloe, and her husband, jose. lover of all things crafty :)

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